Chakra Affirmation MP3 Bundle









What does a healthy chakra sound like?  

Listen and learn!


This set of 7 downloadable audio tracks (MP3s)

contains all of the Chakra Affirmations

from The Chakra Activation Deck,

accompanied by the beautiful and rich crystal bowl and tuning fork tones that resonate with and sonically activate each of the chakra energies.


Use this musical medicine as a quick energy adjuster,

as a perfect audio accompaniment when working with specific chakra cards from your Chakra Activation Deck 

and while exploring all the Chakra Activation videos in my Chakra Activation Yoga Online Courses & Memberships.


Tracks range from 3-4 minutes in length.


Set of 7 (1 per chakra) in the bundle.



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What is a Chakra Activation Deck?

Watch this short video to find out about all the features!

Hi! I'm Brooke!

I'm the founder and director of Chakra Activation Yoga, the creator of the Chakra Activation Deck and all these chakra activating tools.


I've been teaching yoga for 25 years and I've been a musician and sound healer for just as long.  I use various sonic modalities and instruments to clear and charge the vibrational field and keep the chakra system operating at its optimum capacity.


I designed and produced these audio tracks so you can 1) listen to the Chakra Affirmations from my Chakra Activation Deck, 2) hear and feel the crystal bowl and tuning forks tones that correspond to that chakra, 3) practice your Chakra Activation Yoga at the same time!

Our world needs your best and your brightest!



Shine on!


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