Chakra Activation Yoga Class

"On Demand"






One 90 minute "All Chakras" class,

Root Chakra to Crown Chakra sequenced flow

of both static and dynamic Chakra Activation Yoga practices

plus a meditation and relaxation/integration.





for 5 days of unlimited access

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What is Chakra Activation Yoga? 

Watch the brief video below and learn

what Chakra Activation Yoga is,

why it's so unique, 

how it came to be

and why it's so beneficial!



Hi! I'm Brooke!

I'm the founder and director of Chakra Activation Yoga and the creator of the Chakra Activation Deck.


I've been teaching for 25 years and I'm an E-RYT/ YACEP offering advanced trainings to yoga teachers and students all over the world. 


My Chakra Activation Yoga is a unique fusion style of classic static hatha asanas and dynamic kundalini kriyas designed to guide yoga practitioners of all ages, sizes, experience and ability to awaken, explore, and balance each of the 7 chakra- energy centers and IGNITE THE LIGHT within!

I LOVE YOGA! These Chakra Activation Yoga tools and techniques have helped me become a better and brighter version of myself!


I look forward to sharing them with you.


Our world needs your best and your brightest!




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